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Powerful and easy to use software to strengthen loss prevention in retail stores

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Tackling loss prevention in retail stores effectively

Advances in retail technology are helping to maximise profitability and bring about operational benefits, but this technological progress also brings with it vast amounts of transactional and operational data. Often coupled with a lack of integration between systems, these advances can increase the threat of accidental or deliberate transaction misprocessing whilst making it increasingly difficult to spot suspicious activities.

For loss prevention teams, with limited resources, visibility and timely understanding of employee actions is key to mitigating internal fraud. Rapid and simple identification of possible cases of fraud-related system abuse along with as much additional contextual information as possible is required. Only then can the necessary precautions be taken, whether that be tightening procedures or taking disciplinary action.

LiveStore® is a retail loss prevention system that brings together data from across your in-store applications and surveillance systems to provide easily accessible information for loss prevention and operations teams, so that action can be taken swiftly to prevent losses and protect profits.

Retail loss prevention system

Access invaluable operational intelligence with an easy to use retail loss prevention system

LiveStore harnesses existing retail technology, including CCTV systems, to provide a powerful intelligence platform for profit protection and loss prevention in retail stores.

Operating in real-time, LiveStore collects, aggregates and analyses data from disparate in-store systems to provide a unified view of store transactions, exception events and questionable activity. LiveStore’s secure web-based reporting portal enables loss prevention staff to take review anomalous or suspicious transactions for themselves and gain a full understanding of the context in which they were undertaken.

Data can also be brought together to track sales, product promotions and other top-line business drivers, as well as monitor staff performance and training needs.

LiveStore Infographic

Monitor POS with CCTV to analyse events in context

Spot suspicious activities and transactions in real-time

Centralised dashboard for review and analysis across stores

In-depth analysis and reporting on sales promotions

Observe staff performance for training and security

Making data easy to manage and interpret for loss prevention teams

Deployed remotely – typically without any in-store involvement – LiveStore simply drops into the existing architecture to provide reporting and analysis on your transactions in real time, identifying anomalous or exception events without delay. For loss prevention teams, LiveStore makes data easy to interpret, manageable and provides the necessary context to quickly make informed decisions.

  • POS activity, including all transactions, voids, refunds, discounts, promotions, no-sales, manager/supervisor code use etc is recorded with detailed identification of exceptions that might indicate shrinkage.
  • Instant alerting of anomalous or suspicious transactions, together/complete with the relevant CCTV footage, allows events to be investigated and remedial action to be taken without delay.
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Powerful solution allowing you to tackle loss prevention in retail stores

The truly groundbreaking feature of LiveStore is its ability to physically ‘see’ exceptional transactions that are often of concern, such as refunds, voids, discounts, promotions, loyalty/gift card use, manual adjustments etc. LiveStore analyses the characteristics of both individual events and patterns of transactions to identify those of particular interest.

Seamlessly integrating with your in-store CCTV system LiveStore then attaches video, with lead-in and lead-out footage, around these events and displays the video in the live reporting portal, together with the receipt and a comprehensive Individual Transaction Log (ITL) detailing every step undertaken on the POS register to complete the transaction.

LiveStore for McDonald's

Complete visibility wherever you are

LiveStore enables you to set a range of policies to automatically provide a full video audit of anomalous or suspicious activity without the need to trawl through vast amounts of CCTV footage or visit the store.

Identification and investigation is streamlined and far more efficient, enabling operational controls to be tightened while minimising workload of stretched security and loss prevention teams.

Automated reports and instant email alerts of exception events delivered to your inbox become indispensable.

LiveStore available remotely

Visually review transactions of interest

Your remote duty manager with live operational insight across all restaurants

LiveStore is like having an additional remote Duty Manager. The secure web portal provides a complete view of your retail estate, delivering instant visibility of store transactions, highlighting anomalies and giving you the information necessary to determine the appropriate response.

As an Owner/Operator you will have access to live data, the
self-service reports and the remote video of exceptions ‘On-demand’ on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Turning existing legacy systems live, LiveStore will provide operational insight of all your restaurant locations wherever you go.

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Having LiveStore is like having an additional remote Duty Manager.

Once you’ve had access to the live data, the self-service reports and the remote video of exceptions you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

Improve sales and employee productivity with LiveStore


A secure web-based portal provides live, minute-by-minute reporting of sales, staff performance, promotions, and much more, all delivered in simple self-service reports.

The retail loss prevention system LiveStore provides:

  • In-depth analysis and reporting on sales of individual product lines and tracks the use of promotional codes, vouchers, coupons and gift certificates.
  • Analysis of POS transactions over time to measure employee performance and highlight exceptional staff or potential staff training needs.

Software with remote deployment

Simple to use software with remote deployment; see results immediately

  • Real-time access to invaluable operational intelligence
    all POS transactions and receipts, with instant analysis of anomalous and out-of-policy events
  • No store technology upgrades required
    use your existing POS, video systems and network
  • Monitor activity anytime, anywhere
    from your own secure web portal, get email reports with video and alerts
  • No data overload
    you decide what you want to see, how you want to see it and when you want to see it
  • Simplify & tighten your security controls
    see events of concern with the corresponding video footage for quick and efficient action
  • Future proof
    highly flexible, supporting current and future retail store technology innovation initiatives

Easily scalable with a deployment method to suit your needs

The LiveStore architecture has been designed for ease of deployment. Integration with existing systems or new technologies is straightforward – no matter how large the retail estate.

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