Proactive User Activity Monitoring and Insider Threat Management.

Monitor, review, alert and block user actions in real-time.
Ensure the visibility, context and control that’s right for you.

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electronic patient record interactions secured daily

police staff secured for professional standards compliance

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Insider Threat Management Solutions Delivering Valuable Insight


Are you getting a complete and measured picture of what is happening across your organisation to meet compliance requirements?

With data dispersed across your organisation are you sure that your high-value assets and sensitive data are adequately protected?

For large, widely distributed organisations and inter-agency partnerships, keeping track of user actions across many different devices, systems, applications and data silos can be a real challenge. Malicious and unintentional actions can result in major security issues and missed performance opportunities.

Vigilant delivers effective insider threat management, analysing data across the breadth of the organisation from fixed and mobile devices all the way through to the server, to provide a consolidated view of user activity and identify insider threat vectors.

Insider Threat Management

Protecting private data

Protecting Sensitive Data, High Value Assets and Reputation

Vigilant Applications’ user activity monitoring solution VigilancePro® collects, consolidates and analyses data from a diverse range of sources across your organisation – monitoring user actions to help detect and prevent undesirable activities and drive favourable user behaviour for streamlined business processes and improved productivity.

Information on activities and their context is gathered in real-time, taking into account appropriate privacy considerations, from across the organisation so that swift steps can be taken to restrict or prevent undesirable actions and for later analysis, audit and management.

Vigilant offers a highly customisable user activity monitoring solution that can be adapted and tuned for a wide range of insider threat management and compliance requirements.

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Clear Context-Driven Insight Across the Organisation


Sharing policies

Empowering our Customers to Secure their Data


“The National Intelligent Integrated Audit Solution (NIIAS) (Powered by VigilancePro) is a vital part of the tooling required to support the sharing of the electronic patient record – NIIAS helps with the detection of unauthorised access to data and is the cornerstone of the Information Governance Framework in Wales.”

Mr. Darren Lloyd – Associate Director for Information Governance and Patient Safety, Digital Health & Care Wales

Secure your data

Apply Tailored Policies to Protect the Organisation, Enable Best Practice and Block Negative Actions


Protecting organisations

Protect the Organisation:

  • Sensitive Data
  • Intellectual Property
  • Regulated Information
  • Sensitive Business Information
  • Stock and other Assets
  • Financial transactions

Guide users

Best Practice:

  • Prompting against inadvertent misuse
  • Reinforcing security awareness
  • Implementing security policies
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Improving processes

Block malicious actions

Block Negative

  • Real-time prevention of specific actions
  • Stopping fraudulent activities
  • Identification of bad actors
  • Protecting company reputation
  • Prevent inadvertent misuse

Effective Insider Threat Management across Industry Sectors


We partner with companies and organisations across different sectors to improve data security, mitigate risk and meet compliance requirements through proactive user activity monitoring. Our insider threat solution is highly adaptable and flexible to suit different scenarios:

  • Police & Security – Enforcing professional standards
  • Healthcare – Protecting access to patient records
  • Retail – Safeguarding profits by pinpointing anomalous transactions at point of sale
  • Financial Services – Deploying user behaviour analytics to monitor transactions on the trading floor
  • Banking – Tracking the use of PII data
  • Engineering and Manufacturing – Protecting intellectual property, plans and source code
  • Local Government – Paving the way for local authorities to improve services and reduce costs
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Sectors Life Sciences Police Healthcare Finance Logistics Retail Engineering Government

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Intelligent User Behaviour Monitoring
for your Organisation

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Automated data governance

Automated Data Governance

Protecting Assets and Reputation

Context-rich information

Centralised, Context-rich Information

Driving Actionable Intelligence Across the Whole Organisation

Proportionate activity monitoring

Proportionate Activity Monitoring

Balancing Organisational Risk Mitigation with Privacy Protection Obligations

SeeChange partnership

Making sense of AI with Vigilant

At Vigilant we seamlessly aggregate relevant AI systems within our products to provide genuine business outcomes. Our renowned usability makes sense of AI, providing real world value for customers without complexity.

Learn about how we are incorporating AI into our retail product LiveStore through partnership with Vision AI specialists SeeChange.

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User activity monitoring

Put advanced user activity
monitoring into action

We’ve worked with a wide range of different companies and organisations in meeting their insider threat prevention and compliance needs.

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