Vigilant Applications Ltd and SeeChange Technologies announce a strategic partnership

SeeChange partnership

Vigilant and SeeChange announce a strategic partnership to exploit their leading roles in Vision AI and User Activity Management (UAM) for next generation retail operations and profit protection

Vigilant Applications, a leader in integrated real-time retail profit protection and operations software, today announced a strategic partnership with SeeChange Technologies. Vigilant’s specialist retail product LiveStore® integrates seamlessly with existing in-store infrastructure, including CCTV and POS, to flag out-of-policy behaviour and activity.  Incorporating the SeeChange vision AI platform opens up a new level of remote real-time management to identify behaviour that impacts service and profits.

“We have been waiting for the right best of breed partner with a similar ‘modular’ futureproof philosophy to further incorporate AI into our core LiveStore® technology,” said Andy Craig, a Founder Director at Vigilant.  “We are known for our UAM capabilities and unique integration of CCTV. By incorporating SeeChange’s vision AI platform we can now provide alerts for a whole range of elusive instore behaviour that affects operations, reputation and ultimately profits.”

“We have always promoted the concept of ‘remote duty management’ for multiple franchise owners and the SeeChange platform takes us into another realm, with the ability to detect aggressive or suspicious behaviour, or incidents of theft.”

On the partnership, Jason Souloglou, CEO of SeeChange said “The ability to automate the detection of theft, violence, or any kind of unacceptable behaviour from existing CCTV systems, 24/7, without getting tired or losing concentration, is a significant differentiator for retailers or facilities management in any space. With the integration of SeeChange’s vision AI platform, Vigilant’s LiveStore can notify in real-time, provide valuable insights, and create detailed audit trails for any type of complex visual scenario detected from CCTV.”

Outside of retail, Vigilant’s customers include the UK’s major Police Forces, the NHS, Financial Services and Local Government and there are plans to extend the partnership with SeeChange to benefit clients across the board.

About Vigilant Applications

Vigilant was founded in 2012 to exploit its VigilancePro® User Activity Monitoring software to deliver advanced insider threat management. Analysing data across the breadth of an organisation from fixed and mobile devices through to the server, to provide a consolidated view of user activity and identify insider threat vectors.

Vigilant partners with companies and organisations across different sectors to improve data security, mitigate risk and meet compliance requirements through proactive but proportionate user activity monitoring. Its insider threat solution is highly adaptable and flexible to suit different scenarios from enforcing professional standards for police and security to safeguarding profits by pinpointing anomalous transactions at the point of sale.

Vigilant pursues an ethical and proportionate approach to monitoring and is fully compliant with data protection legislation.

About SeeChange Technologies

SeeChange Technologies is a world leader in real-time AI-powered recognition systems, with expertise in making complex, state-of-the-art AI technology simple to deploy and scale in the real world. SeeChange was founded in 2018 as a subsidiary of Arm, becoming independent in 2021 with investment from Crane Venture Partners. With an initial focus on solutions for Retail, the company is engaged with many of the top global retailers and retail tech providers.

SeeChange is on a mission to help humanity thrive through the power of Visual AI technology and create something of real value, guided by solid ethical principles and driven by the belief that technology serves people – not the other way around.

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Article Published: 9th April 2024

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