Proactive Monitoring Solutions That Meet Your Industry-Specific Requirements

Protecting Sensitive and Critical Data.
Enforcing Professional Standards principles.
Identifying anomalous activity and fraud.

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Protecting a Wide Range of Organisations with Proven Insider Threat Management Capability.

We have been delivering real-time insider threat management and proactive user behaviour monitoring solutions to public and private sector customers internationally since 2012.

Some of the largest police forces in the UK, Local Government, the NHS and retailers, such as McDonald’s restaurants use Vigilant’s solutions to enforce professional and regulatory standards, protect sensitive data, pinpoint anomalous behaviour and identify fraud across their organisation.

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Police and security

Police & Security
Maintaining professional standards

VigilancePro is used by Police and other agencies to meet their requirements for Lawful Business Monitoring (LBM) systems to oversee adherence by their officers and staff to Professional Standards Guidelines – sometimes also referred to as Protective Monitoring or Insider Threat Management & Audit Systems (ITMAS).

Enabling monitoring of user activity across all systems, applications and devices, VigilancePro provides Professional Standards teams with the ability to quickly identify possible transgression from prescribed guidelines.

Levels of monitoring can be either manually or automatically applied, changed or removed to individuals or groups ensuring that monitoring is both appropriate and proportionate to the envisaged risk.

The full overview and context of behaviour that VigilancePro provides allows investigations to be carried out quickly and efficiently, ensuring cost-effective use of Professional Standards team resources.

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Sharing and safeguarding electronic patient records

With VigilancePro, healthcare providers proactively monitor and audit access to electronic patient records and personally identifiable information (PII) by employees and clinicians in order to mitigate the risk of data misuse.

Create data-sharing rules and report on data misuse
Healthcare Trusts and other providers can define their own rule sets to provide a consistent level of governance and ensure that the Caldicott Principles are adhered to. Data from clinical applications is gathered without impacting daily operations and the governance team alerted to any suspicious or out-of-policy behaviour.

Monitor clinicians’ use of PII via instant messaging
With mobile devices and Instant Messaging (IM) increasingly being used by clinicians to transfer information quickly and securely, IM brings with it additional data security challenges in monitoring messages between individuals and groups. VigilancePro’s monitoring and audit solution includes unique peer-to-peer IM monitoring, which provides security and accountability for the handling of PII.

In the UK, VigilancePro powers the National Intelligent Integrated Audit System (NIIAS) for NHS Wales and is now a requirement for all new clinical applications.

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The National Intelligent Integrated Audit Solution (NIIAS) (Powered by VigilancePro) is a vital part of the tooling required to support the sharing of the electronic patient record – NIIAS helps with the detection of unauthorised access to data and is the cornerstone of the Information Governance Framework in Wales.

Mr. Darren Lloyd – Associate Director for Information Governance and Patient Safety, Digital Health & Care Wales


Finance & Banking
Protecting PII and countering fraud

In the highly regulated financial services sector, protecting personally identifiable information (PII) and being able to provide an accessible audit trail to meet GDPR, FCA and MiFID II compliance across banking systems, as well as email, telephone calls and social media is key.

Protecting sensitive personal and financial data
VigilancePro delivers real-time unified monitoring and auditing that tracks user behaviour, whether employees are on the trading floor, in retail bank branches, call centres or office locations. Policies can be defined to improve employee compliance awareness or detect and stop suspicious activity with sensitive data or financial information.

Monitoring across all communications channels
The use of mobile devices and instant messaging (IM) have become key to building lasting customer relationships in retail banking and trading environments.

  • IM conversations, with full audio, photo, video and file attachments, can be recorded and specific features turned off to restrict misuse.
  • Individual telephone numbers can be sanctioned or blacklisted to prevent any potential data leaks during conversations and group chats.
  • VoIP calls can be prevented and pushed over your MVR service. Calls can be recorded and tracked using speech-to-text machine learning so that audio conversations can be decoded, keywords detected and specific company names blacklisted.

VigilancePro is a complete solution for meeting regulatory compliance and data security across financial services companies.


Addressing security, shrinkage and employee productivity with LiveStore®

LiveStore, Vigilant’s tailored solution for the retail sector, monitors point-of-sale (POS) activity to address security, shrinkage and employee productivity.

Monitoring POS Activity
LiveStore monitors all POS activity in real-time as events are processed. All transactions, including voids, refunds, no sales and supervisor code use are recorded along with detailed real-time identification of exceptions that might indicate shrinkage. Instant alerting of anomalous or suspicious transactions, via web-based portal, allows events to be investigated and remedial action to be taken without delay.

Improving Sales and Employee Productivity
Livestore is used to drive highly effective sales promotions by providing in-depth analysis and reporting on sales of individual product lines and tracking the use of promotional codes, vouchers, coupons and gift certificates.

Analysis of POS transactions over time can also be used to measure employee performance and highlight exceptional staff or potential staff training needs.

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Local Government

Local Government
Accelerating Digital Transformation and Service Efficiencies

With VigilancePro Local Authorities can bring together information from across council departments and other authorities and services to improve services and keep costs down, without compromising the protection of sensitive data and compliance.

Improving cost efficiencies across local authorities – countering fraud and benefit misuse
By sharing secure, intelligent data across authority boundaries, Local Authorities can detect inconsistencies in data to manage fraud and recoup lost income from benefit claims, incorrect council tax discounts and exemptions and resident parking permits.

Protecting vulnerable persons
Data can also be shared to improve additional services such as extracting data to geographically identify vulnerable persons using official classification rules within VigilancePro. The data is used within the councils and emergency services to plan major evacuations resulting from flooding, fire, gas and toxic leaks, subsidence and civil unrest, ensuring that the authorities are compliant with the Civil Contingencies Act.

Improving services and data security across the board
Once data sharing is in place service improvements can also be made in a range of areas, such as integrating health and social care and modernising service delivery models and ensuring the accuracy and compliance of sensitive data held on residents.

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Once we had the Pan Essex secure data sharing platform in place, we knew it would yield intelligence for other challenges in Essex. Alongside the counter fraud application, we now have VIPER – a Vulnerable Persons Identification and Rapid Evacuation solution. The same core technology provides an almost instant emergency plan and keeps us compliant with the Civil Contingencies Act. It really is groundbreaking

John Higgins, Head of Digital and Assurance Services and SIRO, Tendring District Council

Life Sciences

Life Sciences
Improving the security of sensitive R&D

For pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies insider threats can have significant implications due to the highly sensitive nature of their research and development activities.

VigilancePro can help prevent insiders from misappropriating valuable or sensitive data, as well as identifying unauthorised research activities or manipulation of clinical data which may put regulatory compliance and patient safety at risk.

To protect against unintentional leaks of sensitive patient data, compromising privacy and confidentiality, employees can be monitored proactively and appropriate action taken to improve security awareness.


Engineering & Manufacturing
Protecting valuable intellectual property

With valuable trade secrets, designs, formulas and production processes, intellectual property is a key area at risk to insider threats.

VigilancePro gives engineering and manufacturing companies the power to shape data access, monitor employee behaviour and block or limit employees’ access to sensitive data and systems.

Employee activity can be monitored to ensure that policies and procedures are being followed and that employees understand their responsibilities with regard to handling valuable information. Companies can also implement additional physical security measures, such as video surveillance, to deter theft and sabotage which can be combined with other contextual data so that the most appropriate action is taken.


Ensuring the smooth operation of the supply chain

Insider risk in the logistics sector can pose significant threats to the smooth operation of supply chains and the security of goods in transit.

To stop potential theft or tampering with goods, VigilancePro can be put to work with policies monitoring the handling , transport and storage of goods by employees and stopping unauthorised access to warehouses and distribution centres. Rules can be set up to ensure that appropriate action is taken based on CCTV, door access monitoring and employee actions with stock control and inventory systems.

Access to sensitive customer information, shipment details and trade secrets can also be monitored to prevent fraud and ensure the appropriate handling of information by employees.

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