VigilancePro® is a family of sophisticated software applications that provide user behaviour monitoring and management solutions for organisations across a range of industries in both the public and private sectors.

Seeing everything the user sees and everything the user does, VigilancePro helps organisations protect their assets by reducing the risk of unintentional, malicious or fraudulent loss as a result of the actions of their employees.

VigilancePro Enterprise provides enterprise class performance, scalability and manageability to organisations wishing to have ultimate visibility and control of how users access information and what they do with it, and the transactions that they carry out.

VigilancePro takes a 'user centric' approach by putting the user at the heart of the solution, enabling your organisation to see and manage exactly how your users access, process and transmit company information, and how they interact with company resources - all proven by an irrefutable audit trail.

Within the VigilancePro family, VigilancePro Retail has been specifically developed to provide a comprehensive solution for staff behaviour monitoring, transaction analysis and loss prevention for organisations operating EPOS (Electronic Point Of Sale) systems.

The family also includes solutions tailored for Police and government organisations, and for a variety of industry verticals including the finance, legal and health sectors.

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