VigilancePro® Enterprise

VigilancePro Enterprise is a user behaviour monitoring and management solution that protects high value information assets, by seeing everything the user sees and everything the user does.

Through the use of a unique integrated and layered approach to information security, VigilancePro Enterprise enables organisations to visually identify and manage exactly how users access, process, store and transmit sensitive information.

By installing a single agent on all fixed and mobile end-points, as well as terminal servers and key file servers, VigilancePro provides powerful protection of information both at work and on the move, inside and outside a dynamically changing corporate perimeter - from a single management console.

VigilancePro enables advanced content and context based rules to be applied to individual users and groups enabling information to be shared for approved business processes, while providing an unparalleled level of assurance and integrity. New information flows and processes can be added quickly - sharing information with new divisions, departments or partners - enabling initiatives faster, safe in the knowledge that data is secure.

VigilancePro uses a unique 7 layer model that not only allows companies to manage devices, file and folder access and application use, but also enables the analysis of instances of keywords and phrases, as well as transaction values and frequencies. Through integration with physical security systems - such as CCTV and physical access and entry systems - access to your data centre can be controlled by implementing simple security policies that limit certain actions to specific locations, to particular individuals, and at pre-determined times.

Specific data formats - such as credit card PANs, bank account numbers and sort codes, social security and National Insurance numbers, tax codes and NHS or other health service numbers - can be identified in real-time and secured to protect employees and ensure compliance with regulatory and legislative requirements.

Key benefits:
  • Unique user-centric multi-layered approach to protect against intentional and unintentional data loss
  • Integration of physical and logical security systems to maximize existing investments in CCTV, access control systems and RFID
  • Comprehensive IT security policy management and enforcement, without impact to approved business processes and information flows
  • Reinforcement of user education and awareness programs through on-screen prompts, dialog boxes and alerts provides softer 'learn as you work' guidance and mentoring
  • Terminal Server agent provides strong security for outsourced third party access as well as enabling the creation of secure zones within the network
  • Advanced application shaping enables specific functions in applications - functions such as Cut, Copy, Paste, Rename, Save As and Print can be limited depending on user, time & location

Comprehensive visual audit trails provide evidence of compliance (or non compliance) with policy, best practice, standards, regulations and legislation.

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