Vigilant Applications Limited is a leading provider of User Behaviour Management solutions.

We work with public and private sector organisations that are exposed to the risk and cost of misuse of sensitive information, IP or business process.

We tackle the insider threat, which accounts for the majority of data misuse incidents. Our VigilancePro® software technology is focused on user activity, monitoring and managing how users access, process, store and transmit sensitive information, and how they engage and interact with company assets and resources.

In this way, VigilancePro detects and prevents unintentional, malicious or fraudulent user activity, ensures critical business process integrity and secures regulatory, legislative and internal policy compliance.

In its various forms, VigilancePro delivers information protection and compliance, in any geographical market, for government, public services and enterprise, increasingly for vulnerable sectors such as retail and credit card services.

The company, headquartered in Theale in the United Kingdom, is privately held and enjoys backing from private equity firm Beringea LLP.

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